Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reader Submission #2

The fearless MadDawg recently returned from a trip to Alaska, and look what she brought me!:


A butt-shot of a Mama Bear and Baby Bear!  Awwww.  Precious.

Remember dear readers: when traveling around this great globe, don't waste your money on souvenir spoons*.  Just bring me back a picture of an animal's butt and I'll be pleased as punch.

To view the rest of my collection, click here.

*Don't Waste Your Money on Souvenir Spoons is actually the title of my as-yet-unwritten self-help book on fiscal responsibility.


Anonymous said...

Somewhere in my parents' house, there is a collection of souvenir spoons tucked away in a dark, dark corner...

KristyWes said...


I like to think that we all have our collection of souvenir spoons in dark, dark corners - some real, some metaphorical.

(that's going on the back cover of my book)