Friday, August 06, 2010

To MadDawg, On Her Birthday


I think it’s pretty cool that I’ve known you for twenty years, even if that makes me feel old. Because twenty years is a lot of phases, and crises, and addresses, and hair styles to see one another through. I am glad our friendship is a constant amidst the change.

And I’m glad that we have two decades of stories and inside jokes between us. And that you are one of the few people on this earth who knows the full significance of the following things:

Orange Spandex… “It’s because the Smothers Brothers love autumn!”…British accents… Digby… “Is your boyfriend out of jail yet?”… writing papers in Lambeth… Road Rules Marathons… “Duven vell!” at the Van Gogh museum… getting trapped on the Boatel.

When it comes to being a friend, you’re pretty much the best at it. If you were to ask all the people in your life (which you never would, I know, because you are humble and not at all self-seeking) they would agree with me about how you WIN at listening, and serving, and giving of your time, and giving grounded advice, and being patient, and encouraging others, and harmonizing, and seeking peace.

And about how you have an arsenal of hilarious stories (“Fred, put your pants on!”).  And about how you are skilled at both diffusing drama and making waffles. And about how you are certainly the go-to person when it comes to stirring up some whiskey cocktails.

For all these reasons and more – I am SO glad you were born on this day, {mumble-something-mumble} years ago. And I echo the Golden Girls theme song in all sincerity when I say, “Thank you for being a friend.”

Here’s to another twenty years of friendship, laughter, looking goofy, and drinking coffee. Hopefully by then our boyfriends will finally be out of jail.


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Anonymous said...

:) thank you, k-diddy :)