Monday, October 01, 2012

Christopher Columbus!*

*Said Jo March, often.

The pillared statue of Christopher Columbus, which stands in the middle of his eponymous circle and dates to 1892, will be undergoing some restoration/conservation efforts later this year.

But before that happens, installation artist Tatzu Nishi gives us an up-close and personal look at Big Chris (as no one calls him) via Nishi's Discovering Columbus exhibit.

The Big Guy

Funky pink wallpaper

Nishi has created a temporary living room, perched on scaffolding six stories up, that surrounds the 13-foot tall statue of Columbus.  Visitors can now experience the statue not as a towering Distant, but as a coffee table sculpture that one could reach out and touch. (But one shouldn't.  No touching!)

The living room is bright and airy, papered with that charming pink iconic print.  There are comfy couches and copies of the day's Times scattered about; a bookshelf (holding real books that you can take down and read) lines one wall.  A television set in the corner was tuned to a news channel when I visited.  

The idea?  Sit down!  Stay awhile!  Make yourself at home!

Per the website, "Discovering Columbus offers both a unique perspective on a historical monument and a surreal experience of the sculpture in a new context."  Truth.


Up CloseThe Artist
The man...and the artist himself!

In addition to the up-close views of Big Chris, you get some great views of the city below.  Central Park stretches out to the north; midtown's bustle is visible to the south.

The exhibit is open daily, 10am-9pm.  Tickets are free, but you must reserve them in advance online.  Hurry!  Discovering Columbus closes November 18th.

The View
The view of Columbus Circle, Central Park & beyond


Robin aka Gotham Girl said...

Loved this exhibit! Great captures!

KristyWes said...

Thanks, Robin - I loved your shot of the living room, too!

Anna said...

THAT is why I love NYC! That kind of random but totally cool who would ever think of it kind of experience! THanks for sharing in detail so I can live vicariously through you! :)