About Me

Hey.  Hi.  Hello.

I like writing and I like the idea of having an About Me page, but it turns out - I do not like writing my own About Me page.  Could you write it for me?  I'll pay you 5 [insert currency of your choosing].

Get back to me on that.  In the meantime, I guess I'll make a list.  (I'm always good for a list.)

Away we go:
  1. My name is Kristy.
  2. I grew up in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.
  3. Went to school in the south.
  4. Spent a few years in Boston (Go Sox!)
  5. Now I live in New York City, which I very much love, except when I hate it.
    (To say nothing of the days of apathy...)
  6. I spend 45 hours a week working inside a beige cubicle at a large corporate firm.
  7. To un-crush my soul after #6, I have hobbies including, but not limited to:
    1. Improv - I stand on stages and make stuff up
    2. Hebrew - Learning to read the 1st part of the Bible in it's 1st language
    3. Scrabble - I find it's best played with senior citizens
    4. Writing - It unravels my thoughts, in a good way
    5. Voice lessons - Confronting fears & learning to sing!
  8. I can be stubborn.  And brave.  And empathetic.
  9. I hope to get better at forgiving - both myself and others.
  10. My dad says my sense of humor is "intriguing" and "macabre."  I'm not sure he gets me.
  11. My mom says I don't let grass grow under my feet.  I take this as a compliment.
  12. I hate most romantic comedies, but am rather fond of gross-out comedies.  Does this make me a teenage boy?
  13. My favorite color is pink.  Does that make me a nine-year-old girl?
  14. I like men in hats, and guys in Converse sneakers.
  15. I often wear both hats and Converse, because you have to be the person you want to find, right?   (No.)
  16. God is way more important to me than His numbering on this list might suggest.
  17. I love stumbling across Truth in fiction, poetry, music, film, and everyday moments.
  18. L'Chaim!  
  19. I want to be a pilgrim who sings a new song and tells a good story with her life.
  20. Seriously - re-write this page and there's 5 forints in it for ya.


look a little closer said...

personally, i think this page is perfect :) and you're an amazing writer! where do you take voice lessons? i've been thinking of getting back into them! thanks for having such a fun blog. i love reading about other people's ny adventures. p.s. i think it's awesome that you play scrabble with senior citizens. seriously. so cool!

KristyWes said...

Gracias!! I'm going to PM you my voice teacher's info. Love reading about your NY adventures too - you have a knack for capturing the wild & beautiful moments. :)

What This Girl Learns said...

I'm glad to make the connection to your blog! And I think this is a great 'About Me' page! :)