Monday, July 02, 2012

The End of That Week


Don't knock it until you've tried it.


1.5 hours prepping with my writing partner in 
a freezing cold Starbucks 
2.5 hours meeting with our larger sketch group in
 a steaming hot window-less room
1 long (but laugh-filled) Saturday afternoon


I don't know how my 77-year old Scrabble friend navigates these
6 flights of stairs every day.  She is one feisty broad.

(Her: "I almost have the letters to spell 'V-i-a-g-a-r-a.'"
Me: "I'd challenge that. No proper nouns!")


My friends Beks & Shmuley hail from our neighbor up north, so we gathered on Canada Day (July 1st) to celebrate their homeland with red-and-white dessert.


We were also celebrating this little so-and-so.  I am floored that a year has passed already since this happy day.  And - she's walking!  Watch out, world.


Leaving Greenpoint and heading for Williamsburg to 
catch the subway, this here moon was hanging huge overhead.  

A pretty nightcap on a pretty fun weekend.


Not pictured:
  • A trip to the happiest place on earth (Trader Joe's)
  • Dinner at a diner with gal-pal JJ
  • Rockin' gospel tunes at church
  • An impromptu Bad Shark movie marathon at a neighbor's place. (Bo Duke and Paulie Walnuts: how the mighty have fallen. Tsk tsk.)

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Robin aka Gotham Girl said...

Good to get a little update on your scrabble partner! I've always enjoyed your posts on her!