Monday, August 01, 2011

More Walking

Bench Sitting 5th Avenue
Somewhere along 5th Avenue
This past weekend I continued my quest to see how far I can walk without breaking my foot. 

I set out Saturday morning to circle the park.  (Except the park isn't round, so I guess I...squared it?  I dunno.  Let's not nitpick semantics, ok?

I walked south on Central Park West (lovely), then east on 59th Street (would be lovely, if it didn't always smell faintly of horse sh*t).  I turned north on 5th Avenue, stopping once to take a million pictures of alpaca butts (it's a hobby) and a second time to sit on a bench north of the reservoir and think about life for just a bit.  Then I soldiered on, taking a left at 110th Street and skirting along Harlem, before finally turning south and heading for home.

All told, Gmap Pedometer tells me I walked 7.088 miles.  An increase of a quarter-mile over my last long trek!  And the foot?  It held up ok.  So onwards we go...


Katie said...

Glad your foot is okay! xo

Sonja said...

This blog could use more alpaca butts. Post soon, please!