Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Rose To My Blanche

Turtle Talk - Central Park Turtles
Central Park turtle pals
Dear Friend,

Sometimes, when someone is vexing me, you offer to throw rotten eggs at them.  And while I will probably never take you up on this offer of retribution, I gotta say - it always makes me smile.  Your friendship and loyalty - even to the point of putrid projectiles - is much, much, much appreciated.  

If I were to ever start a gang*, I would totally ask you to join. I wouldn't even make you go through gang initiation, because you have already proved your merit and mettle.  I know you gots my back.

The words may be trite but I swear the sentiment is true: Thank you for being a friend.


*Our gang colors would be blush and bashful, and our secret gang handshake would be a hug.


Katie said...

You're blog is adorable :) I'm going to start following you

KristyWes said...

Get out of town. YOUR blog is adorable! Following you right back. :)