Monday, July 18, 2011

First Steps

Trapeze Collage
Scenes from the Trapeze School - New York
I'm in training. Sort of.

You see, I want to take this really long walk.  A five-day really long walk.  A five-day really long walk in Spain.

But I've had pesky foot problems for the last few years.  And though my heart is up for the journey, I'm not so sure my foot is.

So I'm testing the waters.  Taking my foot for long walks around the city.  Seeing how the ol' girl holds up.

We've been spending a lot of time in Central Park at dusk, my foot and I, exploring the hilly northern reaches.

This weekend, I walked home from TriBeCa (6.82 miles, according to Gmap Pedometer) and my foot kept up.  It didn't feel 100% great, also didn't fall off. 


I rewarded my foot's valient effort with ibuprofen, and iced it with a bag of frozen spinach.  If it keeps up the good work, I just may buy it a plane ticket to Spain.


Robin said...

Love it! Great chuckle! Gotham Girl

Sonja said...

When are you planning to do the pilgrimage?

KristyWes said...

Hoping for late September!

Sonja said...

Ooh wow, well, if by chance you're looking for company, I might be able to weasel that in...

KristyWes said...

GET OUT OF TOWN!!! We need to talk deetz! I will be in touch :)