Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On the First Day of the Rest of My Life

Daily Photo A: Happy Feet
Daily Photo B: Bye, Bye NYC
Daily Photo C: MZB helps with dessert!

Tough day, my birthday. Gotta tell ya - not my favorite day of the year. My main goal, most years, is to get through it without crying. Most years I don't exactly make my goal. Today was no exception. But despite some occassional tears, there were also some bright spots, and as I believe my intention this month was to focus on any and all bright spots, here's a quick review:
* Pulling my prized possession - those pretty, pretty skates (aren't they pretty!?) - out from the back of my closet and letting them see the light of day. My time at the rink this morning was unfortunately limited, but in the little time I got out there, I was a star on ice. At least in my own mind. And that's what counts, right?
* Meeting up with BethE for a sweet time spent over streudel and coffee in the shadowy corners of the Hungarian Pastry Shop.
* Funny/ weird/ happy/ thoughtful voicemails throughout the day. Plus mad love on Facebook. Plus cards in the mail. Loved my birthday greetings - thanks, friends!
* Showing up in Boston to be surrounded by dear, dear friends at one of my favorite restaurants in the old 'hood. Stress dissipates just to look at these folks. (And when this one laughs, I laugh too, no matter what she's saying. She's just got that way about her.) Catching up on latest happenings, reliving SNL sketches, getting carded by the waitress (bless her heart), sharing that ginormous Charles River Pie with MZB, talking 'bout who knows who who knows Al Pacino, and playing unintentional games of Telephone ("He kisses like an octopus?" "...No.") Thanks Boston family for meeting me where I am, remembering where I've been, and having faith in my future! Love you lots.

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