Monday, December 29, 2008

On the Last Monday of The Year

I forgot to take you a picture when I was out and about today, so I'm showing you a slice of life in my chilly little Brooklyn bungalow.*

This here is one of the lamps in my Ugly Lamp Collection. It was the first ugly lamp that I acquired. It has a twin, too - identical down to the plastic fluted shade and the missing left hand of the seated cavalier** fellow. The other prized possessions in my collection include the previously-discussed Buddha lamp, as well as a replica of the infamous leg lamp from The Christmas Story movie.

Yes, folks, I am a lucky girl.

*Note: I do not, in fact, live in a bungalow. But I really like alliteration. And it's almost my birthday. So just let me have this one, ok?

**Note: I do not, in fact, know if this figurine is a cavalier. He appears to be wearing knee socks, a tri-cornered hat, and looks like he knows his way around a minuette. Both the fellow and the lady figurines remind me of the Dueling Cavalier costumes from Singin' In the Rain, so I went with "cavalier." Plus, I went to UVA*** so I'm partial to cavaliers.

***Go Cavs!

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