Thursday, December 11, 2008

On the 11th Day of Christmas

Daily December Photo #11: Cartier - Gift Wrapped

It's raining in New York today. Like, really raining. Rivulets running down sidewalks and soaking your socks. Wading pools form curbside, owing to poor drainage, but when I leap over them I pretend I am executing a graceful, perfect-10, figure skating move. I always stick my landings. While holding an umbrella! Brian Boitano, with his "tano lutz," ain't got nothing on me.

I would like to say more on this, touting my imaginary skating prowess, but I have things to do. Namely, packing. I'm heading out of town tomorrow, so I best get to putting things in a bag. But you know my track record. And the night is still young (not quite midnight even!) I think I'll put on a pot of coffee and make a holiday mix-cd now...

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