Friday, December 12, 2008

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

Daily December Pic #12: Frank among Family Fotos

I suppose it's no secret around these parts that I have an affinity for one Mr. Frank Sinatra.

I wish I could tell you just why I'm such an avid, rabid fanatic for all things Frank. But I'm not quite sure, myself. If forced to put a finger on it, I guess I would say that Frank has a ne sais quoi that makes ne sais pas. Hopefully that sheds some light on the situation for you.

What I do know is that whenever I catch an earful of his crooning, my face lights up. An involuntary happiness tic: I could be grumpy and grousing, but when I hear Frank's voice that all gets pushed aside for a moment. I take a deep breath. I smile. Frank just makes me happy.

So today on December 12th, though he is ten years gone now, I want to broadcast a very "Happy Birthday, Frank!" Here's looking at you, kid.

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