Friday, March 23, 2012

Doing [blank] the [blank] Way

I have no intention of reading this book, because it really is about running a dental practice, but I find the title to be totally comedically inspiring:

How else could we emulate a fierce Mongolian conqueror? 

  • Raising Children...The Genghis Khan Way
  • Navigating Your Divorce...The Genghis Khan Way
  • Achieve Financial Security...The Genghis Khan Way
  • Diet & Exercise...The Genghis Khan Way
  • Gardening for Dummies...The Genghis Khan Way

And how else could we marry a historical figure/celebrity to a seemingly disparate field of study?

  • Ryan Seacrest's DIY Manual for HVAC Maintenance and Repairs
  • Lincoln Blogs: Lessons on Search Engine Optimization from America's 16th President
  • What Would Jesus Roux? A Faith-Based Guide to French Cuisine

If you think of any others, let me know.  Inventing ridiculous book titles is now my new favorite form of entertainment.


Sonja said...

I just choked and laughed out loud at work-- thanks a lot! I truly cannot believe this is real.

Rosanne said...

How's about "Donald Trump Does Childbirth in Style" or maybe "Does the Hunger Games Take Coupons?".....o.k I' ll keep working on this!

KristyWes said...

Love it, R!! :)