Tuesday, December 06, 2011


UES Building All Lit Up

The bridge of an old Gershwin song ends with the lyrics "Maybe Tuesday will be my good news day..."  But instead of good news, today brought sad, sad news, from a high school friend.

I sat at my kitchen table and cried for her. Then emailed her to let her know I was crying for her.  Because sometimes (at least for me, anyways) it can help to know that someone is sitting and mourning with you.  Sometimes it helps to know you're not the only person carrying the sadness.  Feeling it alone.

Would it be too glib to gloss this to Advent?  To the idea of Someone coming to help carry our burdens, to walk the same rough paths, to feel our sadness alongside of us?  To enter into it, fully.  Not standing at a distance on the sidelines, head shaking in pity.  But sitting in the muck with us.

I don't know.  At times like this you ask questions that have no answers, and search for meaning in something that seems senseless.  In the absence of understanding, I come back to the promise - a light for a weary world

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