Monday, December 05, 2011

Let Me Start By Saying

Isa 43

Today was Monday, and felt like it.

Everyone and everything at my job drove me nuts.  I wanted to quit eighteen times before lunch.  But I didn't.  Because, you know, health insurance.

Also, boots.  My Cyber-Monday/Happy-Early-Birthday-to-Me purchase arrived in the last mail-drop of the day.  Oh, folks, these boots are so beautiful.  I want to dedicate a Lionel Richie song to them.  It doesn't even matter which one.

Does it make me a terribly ridiculous, materialistic girl to admit that the arrival of the boots completely altered the trajectory of my Monday mood?  Oh well.  Shallow or not, all of a sudden - things were looking up.

After escaping the beige cubicle for the day, I headed uptown to Hebrew class.  My teacher plied me with apple-cranberry-crumble and bourbon-soaked, chocolate-covered raisins.  You read that right.  And good gravy.  (I'm eating nothing but sugar in December.  In January, I will eat nothing but carrots.  It's all about balance.)

During class, we struggled to make sense of some of the stories in 2 Kings.  How were they understood by their original readers?  What's my take-away, today?  What can we learn about God's character through these stories? Why are there two simultaneous kings named Joram?  Lots of questions.  Few answers.  But it's good to puzzle through things, together.

As I was leaving class, I asked my teacher if she'd heard about the recent shootings. She hadn't, and was extremely nervous about me walking the ten blocks home. In fact, she made me call her when I reached my apartment (safely). It was sweet of her to be so concerned.

In fact, this day ended a whole lot sweeter than it began. 

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