Friday, December 09, 2011

Baci Chocolate Before

We had a holiday luncheon/team-building event at work on Friday.  My group headed downtown to Eataly, where we ate at their roof-top restaurant, Birreria (cheese, olives, cured meats, kraut, and sausage? with views of the Empire State Building, Met Life Tower, and Flatiron Building? go there. soon.) 

After lunch, we took a chocolate-making class at Eataly's school.  A man named Vivien taught us all about the chocolate-making process and then we got to make our own.  While they poured us glass after glass of prosecco.

I almost didn't mind having to go back to the office afterwards. 

I said almost.

* * *

After work, I had a team-bonding event with my Improv group.  JD hosted us all at his Harlem apartment, which is also home to two rabbits named Kenny & Dolly (after you know who).  We ate snacks and drank drinks and lounged on this indescribable raft/couch/tribal platform thing that one of JD's roommates had constructed in the living room.

Then there was maybe an N Sync holiday dance party.

I said maybe.

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