Thursday, December 08, 2011

Miracle on Ice

I've been avoiding Rockefeller Center recently, because the crowds...oh, the crowds.  Madding.  I've stayed far from it.

But on Thursday morning, as I left Breakfast Club and headed to work, I thought the hour might be early enough to stop by and check out the tree without being trampled by tourists.  So I detoured a block north to check it out.

The Today Show audience on the plaza was pretty sparse, the area was relatively quiet.  I saw some people peering down at the rink, so I wandered over to look too.

And there - on the ice - was a lone figure.  Tall, sinewy, dressed in black.  I did a double-take.  Could it be...?  Was it really him?

Yes.  Evan Lysacek.  In the flesh.  On the ice.

Evan 11

I watched as he skated over and conducted a short interview with some Today Show lady.  Then she exited the rink, Evan took center ice, the music started, and this happened:

Evan Collage 1

Then this:

Evan Collage 2

And also this:

Evan Collage 3

It was...oh, I don't know...AMAZING!!!

People around me were asking, "Who's that?" and a tourist on my left said, "Is that Brian Boitano or something?"  I gently corrected him, "No.  It's Evan Lysacek."

"Is he famous or something?" another spectator asked.

"Yeah, well he's a 2-time national champion and Olympic gold medalist," I said casually.  No biggie.

Evan Collage 4

Evan finished his program, cutely bowed, and skated over to the boards.  I reluctantly headed to work.

That last-minute detour put me in the right place just in time to witness a little miracle moment.

I gotta detour more often.

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Anonymous said...

Waaaaahhhh!!!!! I can't believe it! What a great sighting! I strongly support your detouring!! Yay!!