Saturday, December 10, 2011


Jewelry store in Chelsea

I had an Improv show on Saturday night.

The only thing remarkable about this fact is that it is so unremarkable. 

I have Improv shows all the time now.  I've had forty-one (41) this year! (I know this because I like to track them in an Excel spreadsheet.  I'm anal thorough like that.)   So, you know.  No big deal.

Except that I remember when it was a big deal.  I remember my very first Improv show, and what a big deal that was.  How nervous/excited/jumpy the whole thing made me.

That rush may have faded, but the thrill is not entirely gone.  It was still pretty fun to take the stage on Saturday night.  Still pretty fun to smile into the lights, to pretend to be someone else, to laugh at my teammates, to hear the applause. 

And then to head with my team to the pub around the corner, to grab food and talk about things other than Improv (read: boys), because - no big deal.

But still a fun deal.

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