Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reader Submission


A million (and one) thanks to MadDawg and The Pulse - two sweet friends who sent me this sweet shot of an animal's butt, all the way from the great state of Colorado!

Check out the artistic photo composition, the pretty fall foliage, the unaware animal caught with his/her proverbial pants down.  This photo is a fine addition to my collection.

Now, this it a moose?  An elk?  A reindeer!?!  I don't know.

But I do know that I'm happy to have friends who support my art.  :)  Thanks, girls!!

[PS - All this talk of autumn colors and Colorado reminds me of a song by Eddie from Ohio - "Old Dominion" - that makes a case for which state (or commonwealth) is the best of the best for those 'fireworks of fall.'  Virginia pride, y'all.  Check it.] 


Angela DeMunck said...

Yes! Wonderful! More from Colorado! I'm a big fan, by the way...

KristyWes said...

Mere said CO was AMAZEballs of awesomeness. (direct quote) I'm so glad you're loving it!!!