Friday, October 21, 2011

This Week

Central Park, looking west
The photo above was taken in mid-September.  Who knows if all that green is still green, or if it's gone autumnal already? I'm hoping to get some quality time in the park this weekend to check out the situation.  I'll keep you posted, because I know you're on the edge of your seats.

So, this week was FULL!  Here are some of my highlights and lowlights (because I know you're on the edge of your seats):

High: CJ, Em and I visited Sonz on set at 30 Rock, spied James "Jimmy" Marsden holding a puppy, and got in some good girl talk while loitering around the craft service table.  FUN.

Low: Being a girl is fun, but it's also HARD.  Felt embattled by emotions all week.  Exhausting!

High: My voice lesson went well.  At one point my teacher uttered the phrase "Come over here so I can punch you in the stomach."  (Don't worry, just part of her method :)

Low: The passage we read in Hebrew class this week was dense and confusing and gave me a headache.

High: Good kitchen-table chats with my roomie, talking through the Kellers' new book.

Low: I have a new roommate, Speedy Gonzalez. (He's small, furry, grey, lives behind our oven, and I hate (slash fear) him.)

Low: I briefly had another new roommate, A Very Big Terrifying Bug (But I killed him dead - I was so brave, peeps!  So brave!)

High: Lovely Thursday morning b-fast with Sach, talkin' 'bout life, love, church, work, and introvertedness.

High: A security guard at my office building told me, rather accusingly, "You've lost weight!"  (ok...thanks?)

Low: The office mail man, who has known me for two years, called me "Kristina." (thaaaaat's not my name)

High: A co-worker brought me apple pie yesterday (what was that about weight?)

Low: Work was busy, which meant I got no Spain-photo-editing accomplished.

High: Work was busy, which made the 9-5 hours speed by!

And now it is Friday afternoon.  Let's party?

Happy weekends to you's.

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