Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's New, Pt 1

Spring Trees in Central Park, #5
Central Park, in its spring-a-ding-ding finery
I started a new Improv class a couple of weeks ago.  I usually get nervous when starting new classes, but I was extra apprehensive about this one.  

Why?  It's a MUSICAL Improv class.

Meaning I have to sing.

In front of people.


I've long been insecure about my singing voice.  Super insecure.  And I've also considered it one of the great ironies of my life that my mind works to easily memorize lyrics to thousands of songs, but my throat doesn't work to sing them.  It keeeeels me.

I'm a girl with a song in her heart, but that song rarely gets air time. Unless I'm alone in my apartment. Then I put on show-choir concerts for the cockroaches.

Given my fear of singing in front of actual people, I initially didn't give Musical Improv much thought, beyond "Not for me."  But... But. I kept hearing such glowingly positive things about it. 

I knew the teacher (from a prior class) and knew her to be lovely, glittery, supportive.  Friends said her class filled them with "life-affirming joy." (really!)  And I'd seen roughly a gazillion Musical Improv shows that all looked like so much stinkin' fun.

I decided that I wanted a piece of that fun-pie.  Voice insecurities notwithstanding.

So I signed up.  And showed up.  And you know what?  So much fun.

The voice insecurities are still there (more on that later) but the fun overshadows that.  The fun wins.

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That City Girl said...

good for you, kw! sounds right up your alley :) (assuming you can write on the spot rockin tunes à la Rainbow Maker and Bless You).