Monday, May 02, 2011

How My Weekend Went

Spring Trees near Literary Walk #1

Friday morning, I started reading Tina Fey’s BossyPants on the way to work. This was a mistake: my commute is not that long, and once I started reading I did NOT want to stop. So I was grumpier than usual when I had to get off the subway, put the book away, and go to work. (Thumbs down to the beige cubicle; thumbs up to BossyPants.)

Spring Trees near Literary Walk #2

Friday evening, my friend JJ was celebrating her birthday at Marie’s Crisis, a piano bar in the West Village. I arrived just as the piano-man started playing “What I Did For Love,” from Chorus Line. The place wasn’t so packed yet (it was just after 9pm), but everyone in the room sang LOUD. With EMOTION. I think we were all working some stuff OUT, there, with that song. Our voices filled the place, from the low-hanging ceiling beams to the wood floors, from the front window overlooking Grove Street to the bar in the back, where the bartender “refuses to make margaritas or martinis” (we were told). A fun night singing show tunes with feeling.

Spring Trees Near Literary Walk #3

On both Saturday and Sunday evenings I had shows at an Improv festival out in Long Island City. Good times with good people. In between the shows, however, I had a killer, disgusting, debilitating, stupid-pants migraine.

I consider myself a fairly tough cookie when it comes to sickness – I’ll get myself to the grocery store for soup, I’ll pick up my own medicine, I’ll keep-on-keepin’-on like the strong, independent gal that I am. Heck, I walked on a fractured foot for two weeks before finally taking myself to the doctor.* But when it comes to migraines – and specifically the fun-times repetitive up-chucking that comes along with them – I’m felled. I want my mommy. I slump on the bathroom floor and whimper like a puppy.

No bueno.

So there was that.  And there was work that got in the way of my reading, and there was too little outdoors time, and not enough alone time.  But there was also show tunes, and laughter with friends, and MTA-miracles that got me from home to Long Island City in 20 minutes, and Improv team bonding, and fake-ninja-fighting in a parking lot (part of our warm-ups for one Improv show).

So, all in all: a mixed-bag of a weekend.  But not totally terrible.

*Wait, is that toughness, or stupidity?

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