Monday, December 06, 2010

Blink a Bright Red and Green
December Photo Project Day #6

Dublin House #3
A neighborhood bar, seasonally appropriate

Today was a day of firsts.

A-#1 - It's a Monday, so it was the first day of the work week.  Blah.

A-#2 - More appealing, today saw the first snowfall of the year!  I don't have pictorial evidence, and there was no accumulation, but take my word for it: snow fell during my morning commute and made it that much cheerier.

A-#3 - Tonight was my first Level 4 Improv class.  I think it will be a good group.  I was nervous (to the point of not wanting to go at all) this afternoon before class.  But now I'm happy/ excited/ relieved / energized to be back in it.  Which is how it always seems to go.

Looking forward to the next class (and more snow!)

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