Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ashes to Ashes

Riverside Church, 10/31
(Taken Autumn, 2009)
I went to an Ash Wednesday service yesterday at Riverside Church.  How have I managed to live in this city for >5 years and never attend a service at Riverside Church??  Not sure.  But glad to have corrected that omission last night.

Riverside is historic.  The current building was partially funded by John D. Rockefeller.  Martin Luther King spoke thereMary Travers' memorial service was held there.  It's beautiful - inside and out.

On a holiday that focuses on repentance and mortality, it was nice (and by 'nice,' I mean 'helpful') to sit in Riverside's cavernous sanctuary and feel small.  Small under the yawning ceiling of that big church, which itself is small in comparison to the looming skyscrapers of the big city outside, which itself is toy-sized to our great God. 

Sometimes feeling small is a comfort.

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