Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow: Still, More, Again

Tromping home through the snow

After work last night, I sat in my apartment listening to thunder, sleet, and snow in succession.  I was supposed to go out for an event with my new Improv group, but "out" sounded nasty and I debated staying "in" instead. Living in the city, though, I don't have a real good "need to stay off the roads" excuse. So on came the boots and off I went.

My teammates and I saw a show, then huddled in the corner of a dive bar just south of Penn Station.  Through the window behind us, we watched as 8th Avenue slowly disappeared under a white blanket.  It kept snowing and we kept ordering rounds of $2.50 PBRs, talking about our high-school selves and our families of origin and other facts you could file in the category "Things You Might Not Know About Me."

It was nearly 2am by the time I got home, and it was nearly 6am when I got up, for my Thursday morning group.  Ouch.  But then I saw an email that group was cancelled, and had a voice-mail saying work was delayed, due to the snow.  So I went back to sleep.

Oh man.  I love going back to sleep, don't you?  It's one of my favorite things.

Other favorite things include full snow days, but The Man at The Firm didn't see fit to give us the whole day to play, just a 1.5 hour delay.  Too bad, but I'll take what I can get.  And what I got was a good night, a slow morning, and that blessed opportunity to go back to sleep (at least for a little while).  Nice.

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