Tuesday, January 11, 2011

S'no Snow


Apparently there is a snow storm heading our way.  Excitable types on Facebook are using the word "blizzard."  Someone said their friend was scheduled to travel tomorrow evening, but their flight was already cancelled.  I looked out the window, but I don't see any snow.  Yet?

The Firm just sent around its standard "Weather Advisory" email, instructing us on how to handle any changes to normal office operations that may occur as a result of said storm/blizzard.  Co-workers are asking, "Are you ready for the snow?"  I smile and say something benign like, "I hope so!" but really I'm thinking, "WHAT SNOW!?"

When it comes to snow, I refuse to get my hopes up.  I'll believe it when I see it. 

Could this be because I have so little faith in meteorologists, having been lied to many times before when it comes to weather?

Is it because I grew up in an area where we don't get much snow, where the threat of a little white stuff throws people into a panic, where local news reports of impending storms are given dooms-day weight, and where we stock up on milk, bread and toilet paper until the store shelves are bare, and then - inevitably - wake to find streets dry and clear, and trudge off to school/work after all?

Am I just conditioned to be disappointed by snow?  By it not showing up when I want it to, or expect it to?

Or is this a deeper hope issue (should I even go there?) and does my believe-it-when-I-see-it attitude extend beyond precipitation?  Am I so afraid of disappointment that I've given up hoping entirely - for the big things and the little things, alike?

Nah.  Let's blame it on lying meteorologists and leave it at that.

Postscript, 1/12/11: We got some snow, but not a lot and certainly not a blizzard.  I was right!!  However, there is little joy in that right-ness, because I'm writing this from a cubicle in midtown rather than a snow fort in Central Park.

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