Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You's Guys

Relish Today!
Sign I once saw/loved in Goshen, Indiana

This weekend I got to catch up with old friends.  It struck me - as I sat in MZB's living room, eating the best brunch ever - that I've known most of these people for going on ten years now. Ten years!  A decade!  They are family. 

We met - most of us - at Park Street Church.  But then life happened, and some of us went to different churches, and some of us went to different cities, and some of us left for different continents. It's rare now that we get to be all together - but Diesel was in town from Ethiopia, and bANaNAs flew in from Minnesota, and I bussed up from the Big Apple. 

And everyone gathered to spend Saturday morning together.  There were mimosas.  And coffee.  And breakfast casseroles.  And bacon. And smiling toddlers.  And a wood-burning stove.  And a rockin' 80's soundtrack playing quietly on the stereo.

I kept looking around and thinking, "Does it get better than this?"  Such a sweet, sweet gift to be gathered all under one roof.  A big-time THANKS to my hosts-with-the-mosts, and a Golden Girls-style shout-out to my decade-long compadres - thank you for being my friends.

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Coasting Anon said...

...traveled down the road and back again...

So wonderful to see you and the gaggle as always.