Saturday, December 04, 2010

THE WILD upper WEST side
December Photo Project Day #4

Davy Crockett of the UWS

A cold once again arrived just in time for the weekend, so I've been hibernating in my apartment, curled up with a box of tissues and drinking tea1 like it's my job.

I got out for a bit this afternoon, though, to run some errands (post office, library, liquor store2) and for abbreviated office hours at a nearby coffee shop, where I nabbed a window seat and caught up on some personal emailing and homework3.  

At one point, I looked up from my laptop screen and saw this man (pictured above) boarding a city bus. Please note his attire: the boots, the fringed jacket, the leather satchel, and...the skunk-skin hat.  It was all too fantastic not to take a picture of it, so I grabbed my camera and snapped this shot.

Dear Davy Crockett of the Upper West Side,
Thanks for being you - 100% non-conformist you.  And thanks for reminding me that there are countless untold stories and unsolved mysteries out there in this world, of which you are certainly one.
Love, Kristy

1 Product placement: Trader Joe's Candy Cane Green Tea is my new best friend.  Thanks, CJ, for introducing us!

2 That last stop was to purchase communion wine for church tomorrow, in case you were wondering, Judgey McJudgerson.

3 For a new class I am taking this month, which perhaps I will tell you about sometime, but not now, 'cause my head hurts.

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