Friday, December 03, 2010

Eight Crazy Nights
December Photo Project Day #3

B&N Holiday Display, 5th Ave
Barnes & Noble window display, 5th Ave

Hanukkah began on Wednesday night.  There's an electric menorah in nearly every building lobby, restaurant, and Duane Reade.  Plus several larger ones in parks and public spaces across the city.  The Empire State Building is lit up in blue and white.  And Zabar's is selling latkes.  Don't mind if I do!

In other news, the first Christmas card of the season arrived in the mail yesterday!  It was from my friend, JJ, who is Jewish.  I have a Hanukkah card for her; I'll mail it tomorrow.  It's only traveling eight blocks, so I trust it'll arrive in time before this eight-day festival is done.

My roommate, Koko, just popped her head in my room.

"Hey Rosie," she said (because she calls me Rosie), "Do you know what the name 'Jesus' means?"

"'Joshua,'" I replied.

"I just learned that!  I can't believe he's a 'Joshua.'  I don't know if I can picture him as a 'Joshua.'"

"What about 'Yehoshua'?" I asked, letting it have it's proper Hebrew pronunciation. "Does that work?"

"Hmm, 'Yehoshua.'" She squinted and tried to picture it. "Yes, better," she declared and disappeared back into the living room.

Feeling very ecumenical tonight...

Empire for Hanukkah
Empire State Building, dressed for the occasion

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