Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pleasant / Presence

This past weekend I went to Boston to hug old friends and laugh; to celebrate, see again, and send off.

MV Collage #3

We shared dinners and cups of coffee, watched movies, toured houses.  We went to church; we went to Martha's Vineyard (see pics).  There were too many gummy bears.  There was not enough time.

MV Collage #2

I heart these girls a ton - for our shared history together, for being co-travelers on some rocky paths, for the ways they are each different from me, and for things we have in common.  I heart them because I feel free to be me when I'm with them.  They remind me of who I am, in the deep-down nitty-gritty, and their wisdom and encouragement reminds me of who I want to be.

(Also, they are freakin' hilarious.)

MV Collage #1
Inside the Tabernacle, OakBluffs, M.V.

Dear bANaNAs, 'Dre, Kujo, MadDawg, Trafmeister, and Zamboni:

I love you more than my luggage.  Thanks for being you.  And thanks for giving me glimpses of the God who binds us all together.

Gummy-bearily yours,


Coasting Anon said...

Oh, it was a wonderful day, wasn't it?

So glad to finally get to see you again.

Oh...and you should know that Scooter is a little miffed at the lack of a shout-out...but whatev's...he still appreciated the chance to hang out with the ladies in the water.

KristyWes said...

Shout out to my Scootie-pie!! It was SO great to finally meet that little guy. I made my mom look at pics of him this weekend - "look how cute!" :)