Thursday, August 05, 2010

Make Your Siren's Call

I haven’t fallen this hard for an album since Once wrecked me good back in the summer of 2007.

CJ said I would like Mumford & Sons – said their album Sigh No More would make me feel like I could do anything.

So I gave it a listen. And then I listened again. And now it’s all I want to listen to.

There are songs that start slow but end up soaring. There are truth-y lyrics and a persistent banjo (you know how much I love a banjo). And I hear promises and progress, am reminded of road trips and front porches and Ed Helms (you know how much I love Ed Helms).

The opening of “Timshel” makes me wonder how the lead singer gets his voice to sound exactly like the cold water he is singing about. The half-time section of “Roll Away Your Stone” makes me pretty sure I can fly.

But enough talking about music.  Enjoy the video above and the lyrics below, and if you enjoy them enough, cough up the $5 to download the album from Amazon and you too can feel like flying as you leave work today!

It seems that all my bridges have been burned
But you say 'That's exactly how this grace thing works’
It's not the long walk home that will change this heart
But the welcome I receive with every start
– "Roll Away Your Stone"

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