Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Break in break-dancing circle
Central Park, near Bethesda Terrace

Improv class started up again last week.

I decided to repeat Level Three, for several reasons.  One of them being fear - I was feeling too much fear throughout the class the first time around. Thinking thoughts like, "I can't do this." and "I don't get this." and "They're all going to laugh at me (but not in a good way)."

I felt fear before each class, I felt fear before our show.  And this Improv endeavor was supposed to be fun, not scary.  So I decided to hang back in Level Three until things felt fun again.

Another factor was wanting to work with the theater's founder, who would be co-teaching the class this time.  He is a cool guy, very laid back, I appreciate his teaching style, AND he occasionally throws in anecdotes about doing Improv with Adam McKay back in the day in Chicago.  Sweet.

And yet another factor was my classmates.  Some are fellow Level Three repeaters.  Some I know through other classes.  And some I just know from seeing around the theater - we were on a casual "Hey, how are you?" kind of level, but I wanted to get to know them better.

And so far it's been great. A "dream team," one classmate wrote in a facebook status.  "EPIC!" as someone else declared.  Yeah, we are pretty enamored of ourselves, as a class.  But that feels good.  I think we are collectively excited about our group's chemistry, ready to see how far we can take this, ready to have fun being funny together.

Here's to fun trumping fear, this time around.

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