Monday, July 26, 2010

Days Like This

Statue Garden on Houston #3
Down on Houston Street

My Monday was a mixed bag.  It began in the depths of despair but ended in the heights of hilarity.

(What hyperbole?)

The villain of Monday morning was a migraine, which made eating, drinking, working - anything really - nearly impossible.  Thinking it would pass at any moment, I stuck it out at my office, though I did very little actual work.  I split my time between sitting mutely at my desk, hoping no one would talk to me, and sitting on the bathroom floor, hoping no one would come in and assume I was a) hungover, b) pregnant, or c) bulimic.

After about six hours of this, things were looking grim.  But then my first hero arrived, just in the knick of time (as good heroes always do). Sweet, sweet, blessed Excedrin Migraine, you saved my day and stopped that villainous migraine in its tracks.  Hallelujah.

Six hours later, I had a date with a different sort of hero - The Improvised Shakespeare Company.  I know I've talked about this group before, but I don't think I can sing their praises enough.  They are brilliant and amazing, and if you ever have a chance to see one of their shows - you most definitely, verily should do so.

And so - to sum up:
From the bathroom floor, to the theatre stage -
Headaches and belly laughs were written
And tho' the migraine causeth rage -
By the improvisers was I later smitten.
And thusly ends our tale of highs and low,
Is not that just how Mondays go?

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