Monday, August 02, 2010

Round & Round

Wonder Wheel, Coney Island
The Wonder Wheel at Coney Island

I can't quite handle paragraphs on a Monday.  So instead of a well-crafted post, here's just a list of things I've been mulling over lately (which may or may not get fuller treatment on a future day that is not a Monday):

1) Anger – when/how to appropriately express it. And also - why this "expressing anger" thing is so hard for me.

2) Fear. And failure. And fear of failure.

3) Autumn. My seasonal crush. Once last week - as I was walking up Broadway - I thought I smelled it. Kind of like the way you sometimes smell an ex-boyfriend in a stranger’s cologne – but different, because when Autumn arrives back in my life, it will be welcome.

4) Improv:
a) How to be me (and not someone else).
b) Learning what I need to learn, re: pop culture references, historical facts, and…Star Wars? (ick).
5) Time Management. (Always.) Doing stuff v. Not doing stuff.

6) Health. Taking care of a semi-broken foot and a headache-prone head, and everything in between.

7) Inception. Because – did you see that movie? DID YOU!? There’s a lot to mull.

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