Monday, June 15, 2009

The Gimp ChroniclesEpisode 4: The Art of Bootraction

Here's a Monday afternoon question for you: What if - rather than receiving it as a sign of bad luck - we instead viewed my boot as a good luck charm?

(Also, what if - for the sake of this blog post - we pretend that I believe in luck. Which I don't. Not really.)

This weekend I tried to remain mindful of the good things that came my way as a result of being strapped to Tootsie. It's easy to maintain a laundry list of all the ways that the boot is annoying. It's also doable to keep reminding myself that the boot is not so so terribly bad - well, it's not the end of the world, anyhow.

But could it actually be a bearer of good things in my life? Let's see...


Cyn stopped by on Saturday to bring me these lovely "Sorry You Have A Stress Fracture" flowers... Good thing #1.

Plantano Macho

Then we ventured over to Cafe Frida for dinner, drinks, and this yummy dessert. (Kiddos, you gotta trust me that Flaming Plantano Macho tastes much much much better than it looks!) While we were finishing our meal, two people left the restaurant and paused on the sidewalk outside the window opposite us. One of those people was Anne Hathaway, presumably grabbing a quick bite before heading to work. Celeb sighting! Totally a case of bootraction. Good thing #2.

Since neither of us were heading to work, Cyn and I accepted our waiter's offer of a little after-dinner cognac on the house.

Frida Cognac

Yum. Free cognac. Good thing #3.

Later I hobbled down a few blocks to CJL's birthday party, where I ended up sitting next to a girl whose story I needed to hear, right then and there. Totally a shot of hope for my heart.

Call it Bootraction, call it karma, call it kismet, call it coincidence, call it what you will. I kinda wanna believe that it's maybe God's way of pulling me up by my bootstraps so that I can start to see the light again.

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