Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mi Madre

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that - even with Google at my constant disposal - I still don't know what Cinco de Mayo is actually all about. I'm sure there must be more to this holiday than half-price drink specials, but the historicity of it escapes me. So let's just agree that it has something to do with the great Tequila rebellion of 1843, Mexico, freedom, and an epic duel between Juan Valdez and Pancho Villa. (You buying that?)

But look - I didn't come here today to talk about Cinco de Mayo. I came here to sing praises of my mom, in advance of Mother's Day this weekend (that's right friends, get those Hallmark cards in the mail, ASAP!)

My mom is kind of adorable. Today I received a little care package she sent - such an unexpected bright spot on this rainy Tuesday morning! Especially this morning, when I would have preferred to be with the rest of the family in Pennsylvania.

There are a few staple components to my Mom's care packages: I can usually count on there being some clipped coupons* (I got my saving skillz from my mom!), some Clinique sample cast-offs (I haven't bought lipstick in years, thanks to her!), and some kind of sweet treat (I'm now in possession of a box of Do-si-dos Girl Scout cookies - danger!)

The variables in today's care package included an article, cut out from the Washington Post and carefully preserved in a Ziplock bag, about the dangers of Guatemala. (For some reason, my mom just isn't thrilled with my day-dream of dropping out of society and moving to Central America. I'm not sure why...)

Mommy dearest also included a pack of guitar strings! I'm not sure where/how she came by these strings, but it's nice to know that she supports my new guitar-playing hobby. (Although I bet what she really supports is the fact that I took my brother's guitar out of my parents' basement and brought it to NYC with me. Clearing stuff out of the basement scores big points with my mom, indeed.)

So there you have it - the contents of my hug-in-a-cardboard-box, sent my way by my mom, who I am really quite thankful for, proud of, and strengthened by. And now I'm off to purchase a Mother's Day card for the little lady, for which I just hope I can summon words to write that will sum up my gratitude just right.

*Once she sent me a coupon for Fixodent, mixed in with a mess of coup's for Crest toothpaste, Garden Burgers, and Scrubbing Bubbles. She later denied any knowledge of the Fixodent incident, saying she must have sent it by accident and it certainly wasn't meant to be a low-blow to my insecurities about aging. But I wonder, sometimes...I wonder...

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