Wednesday, May 06, 2009


SBG and I held a creative meeting-of-the-minds on Tuesday evening. I had called her as I was walking home from the subway through the drizzle, and I paused under some scaffolding across the street from Fairway*, fighting the temptation to go inside and purchase challah rolls and strawberries. Because food was not the most pressing issue at the moment.

Question: What could be more important that challah rolls and strawberries from Fairway?

Answer: Coming up with an incredibly awesome-creative project to undertake this summer!

We’re still in the brain-storming stages of said-project, but I expect it will be hilarious and brilliant, because SBG is hilarious and brilliant. It may end up being the one summer-related thing I look forward to even more than wearing flip-flops full-time. I’ll keep you posted as details unfold.**

Another avenue for creativity that arose from our phone convo (yes, I use the “word” “convo”) was the concept of bucket lists. Surely you saw the movie “The Bucket List”? (Me neither, but we all got the premise from the preview, right?) This week I’m working on compiling my own bucket list – an inventory of experiences that I want to have before I die. Or at least before September, when I’ll inevitably change my mind and revise the whole list. I’m kind of fickle that way.

One item that’s already made it on to the list is: participate in a telethon. I’m not talking about a “call from home, make a pledge, receive a tote bag” level of participation. I’m talking “be on set, answer phones, bring Jerry Lewis*** a bottle of water” type of involvement. I’m not quite sure yet how to make this happen for me, but you can be quite sure that I’ll be posting the details of my telethon quest here. So stay tuned, gentle readers.

*MadDawg, do you ‘member that time we tried to take photographic evidence of the existence of Mallomars on Fairway’s fine shelves, and the check-out lady tsk-tsk’d us with a “No photos!” reprimand? As though the Mallomars were the Mona Lisa, deserving of privacy and/or preservation? That was…odd.

**SBG, I just went and made our project public! So now we GOTS to follow through on it. Don’t want to disappoint my four (4) readers!

***In case you’re wondering, as I just was, Jerry Lewis is still alive at the time of this posting. Wikipedia-confirmed.


Sonja said...

Holy crap, this makes me so, so happy.

Anonymous said...

1. Totttaalllly forgot that we were reprimanded in Fairway! That was ridonkulous. Will the camera flash affect the sweet marshmallow taste of those goodies?
2. Actually tried to do another search of Mallomars in Boston - no luck again! Must come to NYC again pronto.
3. I could have sworn Jerry Lewis was dead.
4. The word telethon will *always* make me think of you calling in to the PP&M telethon and Peter Yarrow screaming into the TV (after he spoke to you) "Kristy Wajachulerski, FIRST TIME PLEDGER!!!"