Saturday, December 13, 2008

On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas

Daily Photo #13: The Decked Walls of Sak's 5th Avenue

I'm safely ensconced in a friendship cocoon up in Boston this weekend. And so my "daily" photo, above, was not actually taken today. You're looking at The Big Apple, circa Thursday. I'll give you a window on Beantown when I get back, but for now - here are some of the "good things" I'm soaking up today:

-Waking up cozy on the notorious hide-a-bed, just as MZB arrived to make us all b'fast
-Bacon, bacon, bacon for brunch
-Laughing, laughing, laughing easily
-That Michael Bolton dance party I've been looking forward to ("Girl, that's why I wrote you this song...")
-Four words: Rum Cake Bake-Off (!!!!)

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