Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Let Your ___ Be ___

Riverside Park, the Hudson, and Jersey in the distance

I've had a shifting relationship with Yes and No over the past couple years.  

There have been alternating seasons where each word took a turn being my word, my theme, my motto.

In 2010, I learned the importance of saying 'No' to things that weren't working for me.  The next year, I decided that 'Yes' would be my guiding assent to adventure.  In early 2012 (I can say that because it is now the middle of the year, though I have no idea how that could be possible), I felt the effects of too much "Yes, And-ing" and I scaled back; I culled; I said 'no' again.

Maybe it will always be this way - pendulum swings in either direction, seeking elusive balance.

Lately I've found myself wanting to say 'No' in advance to make room for 'Yes' in the moment.  Specifically when it comes around to the weekend - resisting the urge to commit to things ahead of time, carving out blocks (maybe even a full day) of white space on the calendar.  Leading an over-scheduled life (as mine has been, of late) lacks space for spontaneity.  I miss spontaneity.

So, oddly, I'm trying to plan for it.

The other week I tested it out; kept plans minimal for the weekend.  And it was lovely - I was able to say "yes!" to helping Sonz and Mr. Sonz move.  I said "yes!" to sitting on the Highline with a writing partner, brainstorming sketch ideas in the late-afternoon sun.  When I got a text from a neighbor, asking if I was up for vino at a local sidewalk cafe, I said, "Sure am!"  The next day there was plenty of "yes!" time for post-church sandwiches with Sach in the park.  Then I asked myself if I felt like taking a nap, and the answer was a most-decided "yes!"

It was great.  I dig this No-for-the-sake-of-Yes scheme.  Think I'm gonna stick with it. 

For a season, at least.

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Sonja said...

Yes! Oh wait, do I mean no? Um... you know what I mean!