Monday, April 16, 2012

This Is How It Went

A pretty lovely weekend, start to finish.


I walked home from work on Friday.  It's a little over 3 miles - the first half through the wilds of midtown, the second half along the western edge of Central Park.

I saw towers on 5th Ave and tulips in the park.  Pretty.

Plus, I got some good thinking done, as always. Walking is good for my brain.


Saturday was personally productive and Improv-full (rehearsal + meeting + show).  

Sunday morning started with an unexpected 'family' reunion at a neighborhood church.  So good to worship with familiar faces again!  Oh man.  That was happy-making.

And then - because it was sunny and Spring-y, and because I had nowhere to be for several hours - I picked up a cardamom iced coffee on my way to the park.  And sat right here on this bench, next to this hipster. And finally finished reading a book I had started about a year ago.

Nothing like a little Vitamin D + sense of accomplishment, am I right?


Dear Central Park: you are absolutely intoxicating this time of year.  You pretty little thing, you.


Now that the weather is nicer, everyone seems to want to be moving.  That is, in motion.  Not switching apartments or relocating.  Although I'm sure there's some of that going on, too.  I tend to get restless and wanderlust-ful* this time of year, myself.

And you?


*I initially wrote "wanderlust-y," but couldn't get past the evoked image of a lusty pirate wench.  Which seemed like false advertising.  Because I am not a pirate.  Bam!


Robin aka Gotham Girl said...

So love following along with you and your blog!

KristyWes said...

Thanks, Robin! I love seeing the world through your eyes (and blog), too!