Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Not To Brag...

But my friends are kind of a big deal.

Sunday night, Sonz had her first sketch-writing class show.  So fun!  And so funny!  Very proud of her, not only for trying something intimidating, but for showing up every week for class at 9am.  On a Saturday!!  That's true determination and dedication, if you ask me.

On Monday night, Sach had a poetry reading.  She stood at that podium, stared down the crowd of her creative peers, and shared one poem she wrote herself and one poem she translated from Portuguese.  It was awesome and moving, plus we all learned something new about Cape Verde!  Win, win, win.

Ladies - your achievements inspire me, but I'm even more impressed by your characters: generous & loyal & earnest & loving.  Way to be YOU!  So thankful we get to share lives and celebrate milestones (and drink root beers) together.

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Sonja said...


Thanks for coming! You're my favorite! Love you mucho!