Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Show Me...The Way?

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Have you ever read The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron?

I've tried - at least twice, maybe three times - to get through it, but I always end up quitting somewhere around chapter 4.

[Note: This should not be taken as a reflection on the book's goodness, so much as it is a statement on my quitter-tude. I really did like the parts I read, just never pushed on through to the end.]

Lately this book keeps popping up everywhere - in Facebook statuses, and the mouths of friends, in articles, and that blog post pictured above.

You know how sometimes things (or persons) (or ideas) (or metaphorical unicorns*) just keep appearing - over and over and everywhere - until you're like, "All righty, I got it!  I see you, already, I see you!"

So, hey, The Artist's Way?  I see you already.  Maybe I'll dust off my old copy soon and give you another go.  Maybe.  But right now - rest assured - I see you.

*I have no idea.

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Robin aka Gotham Girl said...

I think I have you beat! I know I've tried four times. Why is it so difficult? I keep telling myself the same thing. Dust it off and give it a go! I've even looked for groups getting together to give me the inspiration. Every one that has read the whole book and completed the exercises always say it changed their life! We gotta do it on day!!