Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lunch Break


Beks came to midtown to meet me for lunch today.  A sweet mid-week work-day treat, getting to chat with a friend for an hour (ok, ok...hour and a half, but don't tell the boss-man).


We ate our salads, sitting on a bench next to this fella.  And his parrot.  Who was on a leash.

Way to live life on your terms, buddy!

After we finished eating, we bopped around a small farmers' market.  Beks bought a bag of Honey Crisps and I eyed a pallet of pansies:


The past couple of weeks have been...rough.  Dealing with some scary family stuff, and trying not to panic over imagined-worst-case-scenarios.  So thankful for my friends - my urban family - who've drawn near during this time, keeping me in both prayer and pleasant distractions (like lunch breaks!).

Y'all are eight shades of nifty and I love ya more than my luggage.  #truth


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