Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Homeward Bound


As I've mentioned before, I'm not quite sure where home is.  

Where I live now?  Where I grew up?  Where I'll end up?


Where my stuff is?  Where my heart is?

(If the latter, then home is fragmented into a million places.)

Temple4 Temple5

When your mom is sick, though, you throw theoretical questioning out the window.  In that moment, home is where she is, so you go to there.


(All pics above are of the Masonic Temple in Alexandria, VA, taken from the Metro, on my way home.)


Anders said...


My home is where my heart is,
my home my castle showing this.
At home I am safe and sound
just fooling no-one – not around.


Rosanne said...

Your "first" home is with those who you shared your life with at the very beginning of your life....and then your heart grows SO big your home is with those people who give your life it's depth.
Big prayers & hugs to you & you family xo

KristyWes said...

Well put, R, thanks :)