Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Snapshots


Made some Valentines.  And a mess.


People-watched on the subway.  Saw a man in high heels.  And not ladies' high heels.  I'm talking man heels.  He got off the train at Lincoln Center, presumably for a Fashion Week event.  

So fellas - get hip and get heels.  Their future is now.


Speaking of fellas, this sign was hanging on a door down the hall from where my Improv team rehearses.

Male models?  Drawing classes?  I think I see what's going on here.  (I did not knock.)

Also, "Fleur & Scum"?  No, probably "Fleur & Sam."  But really - "Fleur"??


Sometimes pizza is a weekend necessity.  I'm pretty sure.

UWS Grays Papaya

After Improv, I headed uptown...


To watch Downton!  

CJ & Em invited me over to convert me, and now - like everyone else on the planet - I'm obsessed.  Consumed by it, really.  

Will Matthew & Mary make a match?  Will scheming Thomas get his due?  What is Mr. Bates' secret-secret?  Can Lord Grantham find a way to fight the entail?  Can Daisy ever learn to love electricity??

Don't you dare tell me.

(PS - how much do you love that British reserve?  So much is said in silences and sideways glances.  And is anyone able to stare out a window quite like a Brit?  I think not.  They are the best at poignant window-staring.)


It snowed on Saturday morning as I took my lap around the Reservoir.  The running path was emptier than usual (nice!), and the water was dotted with flocks of ducks and Canadian geese, all floating with their heads tucked back under their wings (that's their snow strategy, I guess.)

Nothing stuck though, on Saturday, which was mildly disappointing.  When I came out of church on Sunday night, I found I had missed a little snowfall while inside.  But some of it had stuck around, which made me happy to see. 

More snow, please!  It covers the grey of mid-winter, and makes this city easier to love.

So that's about how my weekend went.  More or less*.

*Not pictured:
A trip to the gym
A theological debate with my roommate
A phone call to discuss Excel spreadsheets
Sleeping in!
A culinary experiment with parsnips & spaghetti squash
4-6 cups of coffee
Other stuff  (I don't tell you everything, you know)

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Robin said...

Oh, you are so making me miss MY city! (Currently in VA)