Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Day For Love

(Original source; doctored with love)

I recently learned that February 15th is Phil Collins Day.  Happy Phil Collins Day, everyone!

Before you start trying to convince me that you don't like Mr. Collins' music, let me say something:

Yes, you do.

You know you do.  I know you do.  How do I know?  Because I like it, too.

Is it cheesy?  Yes.  But is it also amazing?  Double yes.

Groovy Kind of Love?  Takes you back to a middle school dance - forgetting all the intense awkwardness and just remembering the (mostly imagined) sweet moments.

Another Day in Paradise?  Synthesizers shed light on the problem of homelessness.  You can't dance to this song, but you can do a slow snap, while looking thoughtful.

Separate Lives?  A cheesy duet par excellence.

And Against All Odds?  C'mon.  No really, c'mon.  I want to simultaneously karaoke and ice-skate to this song, while playing a drum set in the rain.  They just do not write songs like this anymore. I seriously love it.

Apparently there is an annual Phil Collins Day celebration in Brooklyn - last year there was a parade, this year there was a confessional booth (where you could record your tale of love/woe to be later played for Phil, a man who knows a thing or two about heartache and pain.)

I had an Improv rehearsal tonight, so I couldn't make it out to the party.  But next year, when PCD rolls around again, let's take to the streets to show Mr. Collins that he'll always be in our hearts.

He would do it for us.


Sonja said...

Speechless! I have to disagree-- Mr. Collins is not in my heart... although I love the idea of a confessional booth...

KristyWes said...

Are you telling me you can listen to "Against All Odds" and not feel ANYthing? (second question: are you dead inside?)