Wednesday, January 04, 2012


42nd Street, looking east, 7:30am

Returning - to the city, to my job, to my routine - after the holidays was a little rough.  Normally I'm happy and relieved to catch my first glimpse of New York's skyline after being away.  On Monday night, however, as the Empire State Building came once again into view, it wasn't relief I felt.  It was a deep sigh, a steeled resolve, an "Argh, ok. Here we go again," kind of sentiment.

2012: Here We Go Again?

Nope.  We can do better than that.

* * *

I had breakfast with a visiting out-of-town friend on Wednesday morning.  It was cold - like " says 13 degrees" cold, like "the insides of your nose freeze en route to the subway" cold, like "it feels like I'm not wearing pants" cold. (I assure you - I was.)

We huddled at the back of a restaurant and caught up on life, recent changes, the holidays.  Then looked at the year ahead: What's in store?

I shared with her what I've been working on this week (at work. instead of doing actual work): a three-tiered system of goals for the new year.

Warning: it's dorky, y'all.  Multiple tiers, statistical analysis, Excel spreadsheets... yeah.  It's dorky.

But at the heart of my ridiculous micro-management is the desire to make this year significant.  To make it count - both quantifiably and qualitatively.  To dream big and start small.  To look forward with motivation, not back with regret.

2012: Here We Go

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