Monday, January 02, 2012

Looking Back at the 'Banks:
That's a Wrap


A few more pics to share, before we move on from the Outer Banks and back to "reality."  (grumble)


The two photos above were taken at the Currituck Banks National Estuarine Reserve.  Nature!  So pretty.  This city girl's been starved for it, lately.


More turtles from the aquarium.  I wonder what they are thinking.  I wish they could speak.  What would they say!?  Do you think they're slow talkers?  Or maybe they're super-fast thinkers, trapped in slow-moving bodies?  I wonder if they are wise?  ambivalent?  pranksters?   (Why am I trying to make sweeping generalizations about turtles?  I should just let them be (silent) individuals.)

While at the Outer Banks, we met a waiter named Derek ("Excuse me, did I just hear a scallop hit the floor?").  We pondered LKJ's future career as a best-selling author ("The Healing Power of Wood").  We texted with our unseen landlord ("I'm Irish-Catholic, so...").

We also swam in the ocean at noon on New Year's Day.  I had done this once before - back in 2001, when I was living in the Netherlands and some friends and I took a train from Amsterdam to Scheveningen and jumped in the North Sea.  It's an event there, each New Year's Day, with 3,000+ people swimming and corporate sponsors and newspaper coverage. 

This New Year's, on our stretch of beach in Kitty Hawk, it was just three of us in the water.  Some people playing Cornhole nearby stopped and watched as we screamed and laughed and splashed, and then struck triumphant post-swim poses on the beach.  It was all very triumphant, really.  A baptism of sorts.  A new beginning.


Our rental house had a porch with ocean views, and we tried to eat breakfast out there.  I say "tried" because one morning we were thwarted by some aggressive seagulls (one with "webbed talons," according to an eyewitness report) who instigated an uprising and dive-bombed our pancakes.

Yes, the gulls won that day.  But don't worry - we fought back and reclaimed the porch in the name of Breakfast the following two mornings.  And it was all very awfully lovely.


The End.

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