Sunday, January 01, 2012

And So It Begins

I scored a temporary glitter tattoo kit earlier this month at my office's Dirty Santa/Yankee Swap/White Elephant event.

It was a big hit on New Year's Eve.

The kit came with stencils for flower & butterfly tattoos, but we're not really flower & butterfly kinda peeps, my friends and I.  So we free-handed our designs, and ended up with: a variegated octopus, a fire-breathing dragon with pinkeye, a Japanese symbol-slash-anchor, a winking happy face, a Scottish coat of arms, purple lips, and an oceanscape (of sorts).

If it's true what they* say - that how you spend New Year's portends how your new year will unfold - then I'm thinking my 2012 is going to be awfully glittery.

Here's hoping.


1 comment:

Sonja said...

I really, really hope your 2012 is glittery! I have no idea how that would play out... but I really want to see it.