Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Catch Up

Bear at Caribou

Still at home in VA.  Getting used to sleeping in, getting reacquainted with driving, eating my meals sitting at an actual table (novel concept), snuggling my neurotic nephew, watching crime dramas each night with the 'rents: Good times.

Today was the traditional holiday gathering at Caribou Coffee.  MadDawg, Manda, Tiff and I have been escaping here over Thanksgiving or Christmas break for the past several years.  Taking a breather from family time, catching up over coffee: Good times.

And tomorrow the good times keep on rollin' with a *road trip* (!!!)  I've been looking forward to this for...oh, about 7 months.  So excited to do a whole lot of nothing with these girls.

Happy Road Trip Eve!

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